Saturday, February 2, 2013

day 30...

Coming home tonight after my friend, a great digital artist, show opening, it took me quite a long time to create a 'collage' of my paintings :), so... I really didnt' have time to paint today...:(   Hopefully, tomorrow I can create my last 'masterpiece' for this challenging 30paintins in 30 days challenge!!
Here's my collage. Finally (after 3 saved attempts :), it looks pretty cool!
I placed a large painting 'Bridge to Hope' (48x36) in the middle of the collage, cause it was my biggest painting during this 30x30 challenge - time, effort, and size wise :)
There're 2 more paintings that didn't fit into it, but it's OK. I like how it looks now :)
Here's the collage. Hope you'll enjoy it, too !:)