Sunday, January 10, 2021

2020. A year of TRANSFORMATION.

.... 2020 started as a VERY exciting year for me! - for the first time in my professional life as an Artist (over 15years), I got a Sponsor! She, a beautiful entrepreneurial artistically inclined and quite well off woman, found my #HealingArts in some Art Magazine, immediately fell in love with and was totally taken by it, and called me right away... She wanted to do a Series of Solo Exhibitions with my unique art as "One Woman Show". The first location for my Shows was established to be in her High-end Commercial Building in Orlando (Sawmill Center in Maitland). The second location - was in Brooklyn, NY, and the 3rd - in Rome, Italy. Not bad, hah? I was in Heaven!! 3 Solo Shows on a row, in major locations, with a lot of planned publicity and marketing, OMG!! what can be better than that??        

I literally was in Heaven... while working non-stop, 24/7, preparing for this unique, and as I thought perhaps, a one in a lifetime, opportunity. We curated my 1st Show for Orlando - about 100 pieces were planned to be placed on the walls on the 3 Floors of the Commercial Building turned into a massive Gallery space. We packed, manually delivered, unpacked, and hanged the entire Exhibition in the Orlando Building (which is still hanging there, in an "Exhibition-ready" status) ... This all happened just a few days prior to the COVID-19 official announcement followed by lockdowns, quarantines, riots, demonstrations, lockdowns again, and all other necessary, unnecessary, and quite confusing and contradicting measures that were taken in different cities, counties, states, and countries...

All my wonderful Shows were, of course, cancelled. The Sponsor went to Italy and has been there since. No more sponsorship, no more marketing & promotion, no more anything. My big "Dream" to bring my art to the next level (which obviously every Artist dreams of) - went down the toilet. To say the least... I was devastated and "de-railed"... As most likely the majority of people were at that crazy time - the beginning of our "new era of Covid" while developing our "new normal" - whatever it meant for every person and for the Society at large. I felt really crashed. As an Empath being extra sensitive to all energetic turbulences and influences (especially the negative ones, especially in disproportionally large volumes...), as a C(complex)- PTSD survivor who's been practicing various healing modalities for many years to be able to function (especially while in challenging circumstances), I was devastated. There was too much uncertainty in everything. I felt overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, and in panic. I started to practice even more of different healing modalities daily, even hourly, signed up for even more online classes, webinars, workshops - just to keep busy, to feel "normal", and to continue my Journey trying to keep myself in a mode "from surviving to thriving". Even though I did feel like nothing good can EVER happened for me again, I kept trying. And I still do.

The following one is the most recent video Interview - just recorded on Dec. 30th 2020. I wanted to have it done just before the New Year to send as a little gift to all my friends everywhere, all around the World ! - Podcast Interview about Helen Kagan “HealingArts by Laura Donnelly “The Healing Path”. Dec. 30, 2020

I continue to create my unique #HealingArts as a means to my own healing AND to bring healing to everyone and anyone who is in need of it... Since the COVID started to dangerously affect the World, as a Light-worker I felt obligated to start creating new “life-affirming” healing art in a midst of our turbulent crazy times. Since the beginning of 2020 I've been working on several new healing Series.  

My BIG Vision, Mission, and Purpose is to bring my “HealingArts” to HealthCare, Residential and Hospitality facilities - to assist in recovery, encourage joy and happiness, and enhance healing and wellbeing to those in need by introducing high-vibrational multi-sensory experience, meditation & relaxation. In the midst of World-wide multiple crises, protests, and escalated pandemic saturated with fear, anxiety, illness, deaths, grief, and lots of stress and uncertainty, I do hope that my “HealingArts” can become a tool for serenity, a place for refuge, and will be truly healing to everyone in need. You can just look at my paintings, inhale the bright healing colors and positively charged high-dimensional frequencies of Love & Light, and enjoy the feeling... Then repeat. 

More info about #HelenKagan and my unique #HealingArts you can see @ my main site - I also post here a few videos links of which you can see below.

The following 3 videos were recorded in my Studio in Stuart FL right before the pandemics, riots, political and economical upheavals, challenges and distractions. I was happy to present my art for the so promising exciting Solo Shows I was just about to have... -  “Colors, Healing & Beyond”- Video Interview in Helen Kagan HealingArts Studio for upcoming “One Woman Shows”. Part1 - Studio Visit. February 2020  - “Colors, Healing & Beyond”. Presenting HealingArts (part 2) – “Colors, Healing & Beyond”. Business Interview (part 3)  

The following a couple of podcast Interviews recorded by Brooklyn Cafe TV, Summer of 2020. - Helen Kagan HealingArts. Podcast recorded by “Brooklyn Café TV” (1) July 2020 - Helen Kagan HealingArts. Podcast recorded by “Brooklyn Café TV” (2)  August 2020

Below are some new works from the newest pandemic Series "Serenity". 

"Colorful Heaven". Acrylic canvas 18"x24". Pandemic Series Serenity                                                                     © by #HelenKagan #HealingArts                                                    

                    "Purple Mountains". Acrylic canvas 18"x24". Pandemic Series Serenity                                                                     © by #HelenKagan #HealingArts                                                      

                         "Abundance". Acrylic canvas 18"x24". Pandemic Series Serenity                                                                     © by #HelenKagan #HealingArts                                                         

                 "Fields Of Wild Flowers". Acrylic canvas 18"x24". Pandemic Series Serenity                                                                     © by #HelenKagan #HealingArts                                                  

In the midst of all these World wide multiple crises and pandemic saturated with fear, anxiety, uncertainty, illness, deaths, grief, and lots and lots of stress and insanity, I modestly hope that all my new pieces of #HealingArts will be truly healing and transformational to everyone and anyone who are in need of such healing and transformation on their Journey to Serenity... 

                    "Sunflowers & Puppies". 
Acrylic canvas 18"x24"Pandemic Series "Serenity".                                                         © by #HelenKagan #HealingArts                                                      

You can just look at my art, you can meditate with it, you can also take a deep cleansing breath and inhale all the bright healing colors bringing you positively charged high- dimensional frequencies of Love & Light. Then exhale all the negative stuff you feel are high-jacking your body and mind - fear, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, helplessness, hopelessness, uncertainty - whatever needs healing... Keep breathing in all the beautiful colors and healing vibes as long as you need to feel good! 

                   “Fractals of Happy” (4'x6' ft) Collection “5D” © by #HelenKagan #HealingArts              

This year alone I have created quite a few healing artworks for my new Collection "5D" and the newest pandemic Series "Serenity", and I keep creating them. The brand new “Fractals of Happy” (see above image) from Collection “5D” is saturated with Love & Light. Creating this big (4’x6’) painting while channeling positive high-dimensional frequencies, white & gold sparkling Light, Love, Hope, Strength & Faith, working with Angels & Archangels, and at the same time dealing with my own escalated through the roof PTSD... . I was INTENTIONALLY transforming fear into Love, uncertainty - into Hope, anxiety - into Life, believing that I should do that and having Faith that I can... It was quite a transformational process... I call it a "Journey to Serenity"!

A TRANSFORMATIONAL YEAR 2020... A year of many Losses. A year of many Lessons. A year to learn embracing and sharing Love & Light despite all possible challenges and difficult circumstances. A transformational year on our Journey to Serenity and Enlightenment.