Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 1...

...After some long contemplation about what to paint, with what media and tools, size of paintings etc., the decision was made when I started to paint... it's always the case, right? Definitely, in my case :)
Decision: for this '30in30' challenge I will be painting abstract landscapes, small size canvases 12x12, acrylic paint, maybe texture, palette knife, maybe brushes, and... my very own techniques I use with large oil paintings. Will be quite challenging to work on a small scale and with acrylic, but... I am up to this challenge! :)  My new 'studio', a very comfortable space I just made a couple of weeks ago (converted my new garage and finally organized all my art supplies there :), is quite serene and very inviting to create!!

OK. Here we are... My first creation of the '30in30' - Autumn 1 
2013  Acrylic, canvas  12x12

All paintings of this new '30in30' collection will be available for sale.
Please see my site  or my FB page . I will also post them in a few on-line art stores (later :)

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