Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 5...

OK. Day 5 of the 'challenge'...
 Today I've learned something new.... I learned that I really like painting landscapes in an old-fashioned way (which I consider quite 'trivial') ... and that doing it is much less challenging and more enjoyable that working with heavy texture on a small size works. Hmmm... interesting :)

This new painting (which I really like BTW :) came out as a substitute for the one I planned yesterday and started to make today... The one, actually two 12x12s, that I prepared in texture, didn't dry out enough (again! :) to make a painting in a decent hour... Also I ran out of 12x12s and didn't want to break the creative flow and go to the store :)  So I painted this one instead. On a different size canvas (14x11). In an old-fashioned way... My favorite impressionistic - expressionistic style. One of my favorite themes - flower fields and mountains. No additional texturizing, just several layers of acrylic paint... And colors!! And I love it. Hope you, too :)

Beautiful.  2013 Acrylic, canvas 14x11

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