Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 9...

...I had to make a conscious decision today...  For the next few days I am not posting any new small paintings for a '30in30' challenge! My BIG project I'm currently working on - a 'Bridge to Hope' 48x36 painting that I need to complete in a few days - occupies my whole being... Besides the fact that it equals 12 small paintings! (by size :), it is also very powerful and consuming by its nature (donation to Hospice...).  It does require my undivided creative attention on a spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and energetic levels... i.e my whole 'holistic' being is completely involved in this 'Bridge to Hope' work. Thus, painting anything else at the same time does not feel congruent with its purpose.
I thought about posting each stage of daily completion of the "Bridge to Hope' for my '30in30'challenge, but... it doesn't feel right either. I tried to do both - work on my BIG project and paint small paintings daily, but... it's too exhausting and takes away from both.
So... my decision - the '30in30' challenge is to be continued as soon as I complete my 'Bridge to Hope' ( I just need a couple more days :) C U soon!

For now, just posting another one of my very recent works for you to enjoy :)  "Hurricane1"  2012.  Acrylic, canvas  36x24

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