Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 6...

I'm posting today for the Day #6. Even though I did paint it yesterday but had to re-do it a few times!! Texture just didn't dry enough so the next layer of paint and even of varnish I applied while it wasn't completely dry, screwed up the painting every time I tried to work on it ... Ahhh ! Having quite a challenge with my 'texture' - it's very humid now in FL! :)  Today I also I made a couple of texturized surfaces for the next paintings so it can dry better overnight. Guess, one day this week I'll have to make two paintings in one day to catch up! :)
OK. This one continues my 'textured water theme'. I kept a bit on the bottom and on the left of the photo uncropped so you can see better the 'corals' running off the canvas :)

Corals.  2013  Acrylic, Mixed media, canvas  12x12

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