Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 24...

Finally... I painted WINTER!!!
Wanted to do it for a long time... We don't have a real winter in FL :) I definitely don't miss cold, and I totally enjoy walking in shorts and T-shirt all year long, but... I do miss snow a lot!  Being born and raised in Siberia (Russia), I can't forget even the smell of snow... not to say how amazing it looks and feels when it's snowing!!! Maybe another painting will be about snowing :)

OK. This one came out bigger... Honestly, I'm really sick of painting little ones - really a big challenge for me! What I also found out it's that I really don't like squares!! I have a hard time with 12x12 - the format that I initially chosen for this '30in30' challenge. So... I decided that since I am in control of my own challenge, I can change the rules :). Thus, I am painting bigger! 

'Crispy Gold'  2013 Acrylic canvas 20x16

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